Helpful Tips

This space is meant for Helpful tips for Maintaining your Home:


The following are items that should be checked before winter is with us in full force!!


Faulty heat tapes are the number one reason for both sewer and water line freeze-ups!!

Its really important to note that Park management is only responsible for pipe below the ground, all services and connections above ground are the responsibility of the home owner!!

Please make sure that your heat tapes are working. That includes Checking:

  • that the breaker is in the ‘ON’
  • that the heat tape is plugged in
  • that the light on the connection is lit.
  • that the tape (broad aluminum type) is not old and cracked
  • that the tape is warm when the weather is cold! Keep in mind that Most Heat Tapes do not turn on until the outside temperature reach +3C.
  • to make sure the heat tapes are not touching anything. Overlapping will cause burnout.
  • that pipe insulation is secure (no holes or spaces).
  • that there isn’t too much insulation, as this can cause overheating which will case the tape to malfunction.
  • to make sure the Water Line if completely covered except for the Thermostat.
  • that insulation is placed over openings to assist in retaining heat around the lower water line. Heat tapes should be long enough so that at least 2 to 3 feet of heat tape hangs down into the pipe and insulation is put on top to keep it from freezing.
  • that the Water Line does not touch the ground or any metal en-route from the Park Water Tap to the floor of your home.
  • to see If you have an extra outside water line, it should be disconnected and drained so it does not freeze and burst.

2.) Turn off outside water tap and disconnect hose.

3.) Close all openings in skirting (except built in vents)

4.) Have furnace checked and cleaned

5.) Ensure proper home insurance is in place.

6.) SEWER Line Tips. Make sure that:

  • The services Access door/panel is clear of all obstructions (open & closes freely)
  • the Sewer lines should maintain a constant slope with no sag
  • the Sewer line is Support by blocks or hangers every four feet and has leak free joints

Keep an eye on this section as we will be adding more tips as time goes on!!